Let’s be sincere.

When my vegetation look unhappy, it is a heart-breaking second. First, as a result of I feel it is my fault, and, second, as a result of I do not know what to do. However this could change.

As an indoor plant fanatic, individuals typically inform me about their inexperienced companions’ misfortunes. In case your plant’s leaves look droopy or brown, you are not alone. Many people purchased a plant as a result of it is good, however neglected a number of staple items in terms of plant care. Listed here are the highest mistaken concepts I hear and see on a regular basis, debunked:


#1 – Water. Pondering all vegetation want a LOT of water. Not true.

#2 – Gentle. Pondering all vegetation want a LOT of daylight. Not true.

#3 – Upkeep. Pondering all vegetation want a LOT of upkeep, time and a focus. Not true.

#4 – Self-confidence. Pondering it is advisable to have a inexperienced thumb to have radiant vegetation at house. Not true.

#5 – Forgetting to examine the roots. Roots being the feeding organ of the plant, it is important to maintain them wholesome.

#6 – An excessive amount of. An excessive amount of transferring your vegetation round, an excessive amount of water, an excessive amount of gentle, an excessive amount of consideration. No good.

#7 – Not understanding the place the range comes from. Figuring out the local weather your plant initially thrives in may also help you make sense of its wants. 

Okay, so you have simply gotten a brand new plant. You are curious to study it. Or possibly you are afraid to get one since you suppose it is a full time job – just about like elevating children – and that’s an excessive amount of effort and time in upkeep. Effectively, in the event you decide the correct species, you will not have these issues. And in the event you actually need a specimen that is identified to be demanding, you may get the correct instruments to do the job for you. That will help you no matter your degree, listed here are the commonest errors about home vegetation I hear day by day, debunked.


Wilted Dieffenbachia (a.k.a. Dumb Cane) due to overwatering. Photo: InvincibleHousePlants.com
Wilted Dieffenbachia (a.ok.a. Dumb Cane) as a consequence of overwatering. Picture: InvincibleHousePlants.com

Mistake #1: mockingly, essentially the most frequent reason for houseplant not surviving is overwatering. Folks mistakenly suppose all vegetation should be watered the identical method. That is not true. Cacti and succulents favor dry soil. Cacti can survive for months with out water. Most succulents thrive with as little as a month-to-month watering, whereas a weekly watering will kill them. This occurred to you? I killed my second plant – which was a succulent – by watering it as a lot as the opposite one – which as a tropical specimen. The power to retailer water varies dramatically throughout species and due to this fact water wants are completely different.

As a rule of thumb, the thicker the leaves the much less water a plant wants. On one finish of the spectrum, delicate species like ferns have skinny tiny leaves and may dry out rapidly. On the opposite, cacti’s thick physique can retailer sufficient water to self-sustain for a very long time and in case of a drought, the physique will simply “drink” the saved water and get slimmer. Water it and it’ll take in water like a sponge, inflating in dimension. Cacti’s flexibility makes it the camel of home vegetation and from far the simplest species to develop. Test this text about cacti and succulents!

Conclusion is, by way of watering, vegetation haven’t got the identical wants. Cacti and succulents favor dry soil, tropical specimens favor moist soil. The precise amount/frequency additionally is determined by the place you set them. Each species is completely different! Learn this text about indoor plant watering strategies.

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