This can be a abstract of a video posted by Rachel Aust on her YouTube channel. She has made the choice to fill her flat with a minimum of 45 home crops, all trying in gorgeous form. Congrats Rachel! However how does she do?

Earlier than we get there, let me inform you extra about Rachel Aust. She is a inventive youtuber, advising folks about model, well being and minimalism. She’s primarily based in Australia, a rustic that advantages from one of the marvellous flaura and wildlife on the planet.

In her video she speaks about her plant care routine and divulges methods to preserve her houseplants alive and exquisite all yr lengthy.

That is what her flat in Brisbane seems to be like: recent, minimalistic, inexperienced and concrete – & all that with model!



  1. Mild. Know your flat. Select a plant that matches your flat or room lighting circumstances (shady, vs. brilliant). In case your flat will not be getting a number of daylight, do not choose a plant that calls for direct daylight.
  2. Care directions. Discover the care directions on the label or on-line to get to know your plant.
  3. Water wants. Do not water all of your crops on a regular basis as a result of totally different species have totally different water wants. Cacti and succulents will not should be watered as a lot as palm crops for instance. Learn extra about Home Crops Watering strategies.
  4. Drainage holes. Make certain the pots you select have good drainage, to keep away from root rot brought on by the roots sitting in nonetheless water for a very long time. If the plant is outgrowing its pot, take into consideration re-potting it into an even bigger one.
  5. Give up re-arranging your crops on a regular basis. Crops will get used to being in a single area with a certain quantity of sunshine. Shifting them round on a regular basis is a disruptive occasion in a plant’s life.
  6. Prune. Prune your crops deads leaves. That can focus the crops’s important power in the direction of the healthiets leaves and cease losing assets on previous ones.
  7. Fertilize. Add a little bit of fertilizer in a spring or summer time month. They arrive in several shapes, resembling a liquid or pebbles.
  8. Match your expertise. Begin with the hardy species first (pothos, aka satan’s ivy, palm plant, succulents and cacti), they gained’ allow you to down. As soon as you’ve got had extra expertise with these, you’ll be able to transfer on to issues which can be a bit of bit extra difficult.
  9. Keep away from the warmth. Keep away from placing your crops too near air conditioners or any supply of warmth.
  10. Examine the crops before you purchase them. Verify the leaves, and the roots.
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